I know there are many choices of agents in the market and I am honored that I am being considered by you.

The agent you choose will have a major financial impact in your transaction.  Will the agent price it too high or too low, will the agent negotiate in your best interest, do you trust the agent you've chosen?  These are all very important questions which need to be addressed BEFORE a contract is signed and your home is listed for sale.  

Do you know that the amount of real estate commission to be paid is negotiable?  An office may have a minnimum listing % requirement but our State of Connecticut does not.  Do you know that the length of time in your contract is also negotiable? 

I am an agent who focuses on getting your property sold with your interests first and foremost within the parameters of the law.  I exemplify the responsibilities of a real estate agent which are: care, obedience, loyalty, disclosure, accountability, and confidentiality.